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Alex Rose-Innes

With a growing movement from conventional medicine to more holistic treatment, not only humans are turning to hemp (cannabis).

According to veterinarians, CBD oil can be used for a variety of ailments in pets (dogs and cats), from anxiety to tumours and feedback from pet owners, not only in South Africa, but across the globe, treatment with this natural oil is turning out to be a literal life saver.

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Just remember, there is a difference between cannabis for pets and marijuana. The product referred to as cannabis and the oil derived from it, CBD Oil, is a medicinal herb and if your veterinarian agrees to treatment with it, totally safe. It has no intoxicating effects such as marijuana, but is mainly therapeutic.

Research had shown that both humans and their beloved fur kids benefit from the anti-inflammatory and calming effects of cannabis (hemp) and the oil made from the plant. Indications are that CBD oil acts against pain, skin conditions, seizures and even tumours and neurological disorders such as anxiety and aggression. Holistic veterinarians claim that it could improve chronic and acute disease.

Vets agree that it could be successfully used in treatments for torn ligaments and sprains and reduces swelling after an operation. It also assists in reducing stiffness in older pets battling with arthritis.

Should a pet be treated with conventional drugs, the concomitant use of CBD could lead to a lower dosage of those drugs, which in many instances have negative side-effects.

But whereas conventional drugs could bring about immediate and short-term change, for example in treating chronic conditions (such as pain), CBD treatments need patience.

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Owners are worried that CBD could make their pets “high,” but it does not happen at all. The animal could become slightly drowsy just as with any other conventional drug for pain, but most animals simply present a less stressed attitude towards pain in any form. Rarely, pets may itch or experience mild nausea and vomiting, in which case, you could simply stop giving them cannabis (hemp). No harm would have been done.

With cannabis oil, it has no taste and a few drops (ask your vet for the exact amount to be used for a specific pet), could be put in their food. Some owners maintain that it also works if merely lightly applied on the fur (coat) or dribbled on skin.

Holistic veterinarians had published case examples of successfully treating mammary gland tumours, heart murmurs and arthritis with CBD oil and other herbal medication. The writer of this article treats her young cat which suffers from severe anxiety, with CBD oil and has seen marked improvement.

Note: Under no circumstances ever give your animals marijuana as reactions to this could be severe.

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