Natural treatment for atopic dermatitis in pets

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The inherited skin disease in dogs and cats, Atopic dermatitis (AD) affects as many as 10 – 15% of pets.

It is an allergic reaction to pollen and house dust and could also derive from ingested substances. It is extremely itchy and makes a pets life miserable. Symptoms are red, itchy and allergic skin.

But a natural treatment had now been scientifically proved to treat this condition. With antihistamines and steroids there are many side-effects, but with Cannabis Oil (CBD), there is no such negative outcomes.

A study published in Clinical Therapeutics proved that not only animals but humans could benefit from a CBD ointment or oil. It helped clear skin and reduced itchiness in all subjects and improved sleep which is affected by the condition.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can be found in ointments, oil and chew products for pets.  This natural product can be rubbed on the skin for allergies, cuts, rashes, hotspots, foot pads, etc. It could be administered internally for inflammation as well as hip and joint issues. 

High-quality protein provides the building blocks to repair damaged skin. While treating the pet for dermatitis, feeding with a product such as Hills with high protein sources such as venison or duck, could also aid in reducing allergies in pets. It is worth it to buy a good food from a veterinarian or special dog shop (such as Petbonds) as it also regulates their weight as they eat less. Hills Science Diet, in particular, is a very filling scientifically proven pet food.

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