Strange behaviour – a sign of something wrong?

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Alex Rose-Innes

Pet owners love to regale others with interesting anecdotes of the cute and quirky behaviourisms of their fur kids. While most could be put down to simple antics to get your attention or to obtain a treat, sometimes there is a little more behind their strange mannerisms.

shepherd tail catch

Gut problems or an allergy?

Changes in eating and drinking patterns should definitely be taken note of and if it is accompanied by more poop than usual, it would be a good idea to get a professional opinion. Spinning around when the pet never did this before is also considered a red flag of an underlying condition such as a food allergy or swollen anal glands. Flea allergies or an itch hotspot could also be responsible when pets bite their tails or drag their backsides in an attempt to stop an itch or relieve a pain. Eating and drinking more or less accompanied by subsequent more or less pooping and peeing than usual may be a sign of some problem in the gut.

Even the most pedigreed pets on highly expensive food love to eat something dirty or dead and dried-out on walks, but if you notice a weight loss or increase not consistent with their eating and drinking habits, it is time to visit a professional.

Really bad breath

 dog breath

Know why it’s called dog’s breath? Pet owners know that it can sometimes be really foul. Have their teeth and gums checked for redness, swelling or bleeding. Swallowing their food without properly chewing it could also mean tooth or gum pain.

Head pressing could mean a serious situation

Head pressing against a wall means get to a vet immediately. In dogs and cats, head pressing is a symptom of possible neural damage, toxic poisoning (i.e. over exposure to alcohol or insecticides) or metabolic disorders such hypoglycaemia, to the side effects of a brain tumour or a stroke. Do not hesitate, your pet pressing her head against the wall or into a corner requires urgent attention.


Excessive panting

cat panting

It is normal for dogs to pant to cool down, cats should not pant. And if a dog had not been exercising or is under too many blankets, panting is not normal for them either. Rather be safe than sorry and take the pet to a vet for a check-up.


Keep an eye on your pets and provide them with heaps of love and attention throughout the day and remember being vigilant and reacting quickly to a situation could save many tears.

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