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A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Feelgood MobiLive Pets naturally reduces joint pain and stiffness in dogs as well as cats. Especially for pets, this remedy contains ingredients well known for anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects on the skeletal system. This includes muscles, joints, cartilage and tendons. Ideal for pets suffering from arthritis as well as degenerative joint disease. Without side effects associated with prescription anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication.

MobiLive Pets comes in convenient tincture formula. Adjust dosage to suit the size of your pet. This remedy is easy to administer.

Product Benefits:

  • 50ml
  • All-natural herbal anti-inflammatory formula
  • Soothes the symptoms of arthritis as well as degenerative joint disease
  • Improves ease of movement
  • Reduces stiffness as well as pain associated with swollen joints
  • Reduces toxin buildup associated with arthritis and also joint diseases
  • Feelgood Pets remedies are not tested on animals and are animal-cruelty freeÂ
  • Locally manufactured

Signs & symptoms

  • Overall stiffness especially after rest (more noticeable in cold weather)
  • Whimpering when getting up
  • Difficulty climbing stairs or climbing in and out of cars
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Lameness
  • Unusual movements (for that particular animal)
  • Disjointed or wobbly gait
  • Swelling and tenderness in limb or spine
  • Shying away from being stroked along their back
  • Thickening of the joints of the affected limb
  • Favouring the use of one limb more than another
  • Irritability


  • Salix Alba, Harpagophytum procumbens, Filipendula ulmaria, Apium graveolens, Urtica urens, Ethanol (inactive ingredient)

Contains no gluten, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

How do I use: 

MobiLive Pets comes in convenient tincture form. The drops are easy to administer to pets and may be mixed with food or a treat.

To be taken 2-3 times per day at the following dosage:

  • Cats and small dogs: 2-3 drops
  • Medium dogs: 5 drops
  • Large dogs: 8-10 drops

*Please consult your veterinarian should symptoms persist. Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not yet been established

Disclaimer: This remedy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. This is a nutritional product and is not intended as a substitute for veterinary products or advice. Discontinue immediately at any sign of an adverse reaction.

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