Puppy Potty Patch - 40 x 50cm - Pet bonds

Puppy Potty Patch - 40 x 50cm

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Makes potty time a relaxing and rewarding event for pets!

Puppy Potty Patch - Bringing a new puppy home is exciting but challenging. One of the first and biggest challenges that you may face is that of potty training. This Potty Patch 40 x 50 cm can help make this process a simple one, keeping your floors and carpets from becoming soiled. It is a unique solution for pet accident-free living. Also perfect for times when you're late coming home to let the dog out, or unable to let your pet outside due to bad weather. Ideal as a training tool for your puppy, it's also great in assisting an older dog that might be unable to go outside. This potty is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through. A grate keeps the grass dry and above any liquid. The collection tray holds up to a gallon of liquid allowing multiple uses. 100% weatherproof, so you can leave it outside on the patio or balcony. Easy to clean, just wash in warm, soapy water.

Product Features:

  • Packaging includes grass layer, grid tray and base collection tray
  • 3 Layers: Synthetic grass material, elevated grid tray and base collection tray
  • Look and feel of real grass
  • Perfect for indoor use, porches and patios
  • Ideal for housebreaking
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic and portable
  • Material: Faux Grass and Plastic
  • Approx. product full size: 40 x 50 cm
  • Approx. product grass mat: 35cm x 47 cm

How It Works: 

  • The base tray holds the grid tray with the grass mat placed on top
  • When your dog goes to the bathroom, the urine goes through the grass mat and through the holes in the grid tray to the bottom of the base tray
  • The pegs on the surface of the grid tray and the raised platform on the base tray elevate the grass mat, keeping it away from the urine

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